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Sjaan Stoove

"In the decades I have been receiving treatment for chronic conditions, few massage therapists have been able to manoeuvre both the physical and energetic elements of my pain and tension in a single session. Through deep, sensitive massage, Sarah was able to do this, making me feel like I'd had a long overdue spring clean from the inside (perhaps even a bit of the furniture was rearranged). I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah's healing hands for you, too. 

Sjaan Stoove
Holistic Counsellor"

Courtney Howard

"Her hands are that of an angel reaching down from the cosmos to play a harmonious song on the harpstrings of your soul!"

Rivka Worth

Wisebird Massage is the ultimate combination of deep body work, gentle relaxation touch and attuned energy work. You are left feeling renewed, aligned, cleared and blissful. Wisebird is highly intuitive with a breadth of skills to offer.

"I don't really remember what happened in my session with Sarah because the healing was going on on a level that bypassed my mind but I do remember it was exactly what I needed. I don’t know if Sarah would describe it this way but it feels to me that she has an innate, very tuned-in shamanic gift for healing. She can see what healing is required and intuitively knows what to do. She cleared and lifted a huge weight for me. I came out of the massage much lighter, back in my body and in a super chilled, peaceful, blissful state. I thought I was going for a massage but it was much more than that, it was a powerful energetic healing. Thank you Sarah!"


Wisebird Massage


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- Foot reflexology

- Deep tissue work

- Lymphatic drainage

- Pressure points

- Full body

- Energetic reset

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